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Sevenpoint is a metal/power metal band from Salt Lake City and was started in 2014 by three SLC musicians, Glade, Chris and Chad who were previously in a techno-metal project together. For various reasons, that project stalled and left these three with a desire to form something new, something they felt the local area needed. A power metal/progressive project. Soon after firing up this project Chris had to bow out due to personal reason and Glade and Chad started looking for a bassist to fill some literal big shoes.

Enter Duane Robb, bassist and friend of Chad’s from a previous project, SplitLid. Duane listened to some of the preliminary scratch tracks and decided to wade in. He brought his honed style and guitarist like abilities to the project and started his part in defining the voice that is Sevenpoint. Soon after he became established with the project a last minute booking at a major local club opened up and the three of them jumped at the chance to play the Halloween show. With rave reviews and kudos from fellow performers, they decided that the three piece needed a fourth so they took out an ad and started looking for that unique voice, which they felt their quickly defining music needed. The frequently posited “we need to find that voice nobody around here has heard” and the first response to the ad was Hermes (RMZ), with an impressive resume! Through circumstances they wouldn’t meet with him until the last. Once it was time for Hermes to audition, he was sold and upon auditioning so was the band. As it turns out, Hermes had just moved to Salt Lake from Tucson and was indeed that voice nobody around there has heard! Sevenpoint is growing into its own.

The next stage for the band saw a release of their debut CD and wrapping up a very successful 2016 playing local shows in and around the state including Idaho, Nevada and Phoenix.  Shortly after finishing the last show, Glade, for personal reasons had to step down as guitarist.  Sevenpoint was on the search for a replacement while at the same time writing material as a three piece.